Now I am living my dream….

My Unforgettable Experience in beginning my modelling career


This is my six models Review. I provide an honest testimonial regarding how I got helped by them in order to achieve my dream to become a model. Well, my name is Amanda. I have always dreamt of entering the modelling industry. Now I’m living my dream, and it’s with thanks to Six Models. With the help of their professionalism, I have some modelling jobs waiting for my approval. I believe any of you can achieve the same results too. I will be happy to share my experience of how this good company guided me to be what I’m now. And I also want to prove that any Six modelling scam review you come across is fake!


The story started from when I was looking for an excellent modelling agency with both expertise and reputation. I was intrigued by six models as they had lots of positive reviews from the clients. I thought there wouldn’t be any loss in contacting them. That was my first shot to take, in fact. The best part was the time when their representative called me. They were very nice and really knew how to handle a client. They asked me regarding my motivation for becoming a model and many other personal questions. At that time, I could feel a big opportunity was coming near.


Six models also told me to work hard if I really wanted to become a professional model. They said that my passion wasn’t the only requirements to succeed in a modelling career. I was glad that they were satisfied with my appearance as it had the selling point in advertising. They recommended me to visit a photo studio for an assesment of my skills for Six models to review. Well, there was an initial charge but it was refundable. I was happy as the people at the photo studio were friendly. They were amazing too! I couldn’t doubt their professionalism at that time. Not to mention I was impressed with my makeup and hair stylist. She did a great job!


Even though I didn’t really know about photography, my photographer did his job in a professional manner. He really knew what he was doing that moment. Needless to say, he also helped me to pose well in front of the camera. That single day was really fun and I got lots of experience from such photo studio. Once the photo session was done I had to do my review. Six models gave me an insight that I would be successful in working in commercial advertising. Hearing that, I was really excited. All this also shows you what a joke any Six Modelling scam review is!


Thanks to their help that I have gained lots of knowledge and experience regarding how to become a successful model. I contacted and sent them my pictures from the studio back then. They might use them as a portfolio for sure. They also told me some references of some agencies from where I can apply for modelling work. At that time, I was interested in taking a freelance work first. By the time I write this Six models Review, I have found many modelling jobs on the internet. I have collected many pictures to boost my portfolio. Again, I can’t stop saying thanks to this site. You can get the same positive result too!


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