Six Model Review: How they book me Mac Fashion Photography shoot

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I recently took my son for a visit and experienced Mac Fashion Photography and Six Models first hand. Here is how it went. Please read my Six Model review, you will soon understand and ignore where it says Six Model scam, there isn’t any. They are amazing!

It started with all the standard procedure of booking, placing deposit, things of the such. However when the day arrived we walked in and immediately everything was professional from how the staff presented themselves to something even like the waiting room, no details were missed or glossed over. After signing in and being shown to the waiting room my son seemed to be just looking around, his face with an almost empty expression as he was trying to take everything in. I knew it would be a great experience as I had read so many great Six model reviews

After some time we were shown on through to a different room where we met up with the photographer and introduced ourselves but also explained what type of day that we wanted today. After that was established we lay out all of my little man’s clothes on the floor for the photographer to put pieces that would suit together as well as adding a few pieces from Mac’s own wardrobe. He still felt shy and sort of uncomfortable in the situation so to break the ice and try to bring him out of his shell, the photographer had him run and jump around, just going a bit crazy to loosen him up and help him from being so tense. It worked wonders and we got some lovely action shots of him running, jumping and getting some funny air punches. After he had managed to relax, we then went outside to go and shoot on site which simply means outside in different locations. Following, he gave the photographer a high-five and thanked him very much. We were then escorted to a computer room by the receptionist as we were about to view what was taken today. I can believe anyone would think there was a Six Model scam because they are so great and so helpful

The room that we were taken to was a little bit smaller than I imagined but it still wasn’t a small room. We were sat down next to a man on a large screen computer who showed us both each photo and provided us with the choice if we wanted him to add any effects to any of the photos in particular. So we very carefully and meticulously checked through each photo until we had a set of products that we believed to be the best quality and just the way that we wanted them. We were then offered to buy the photos afterwards and we could have them in a large range of different formats for example a large book, CD, website, Z-cards and a couple of others. We took them up on their offer and bought the CD with the photos. After that we were then informed by the editor that Six think that my son has what it takes to be a model if we are willing to put in the effort then he would be able to make it with a bit of help and if we worked alongside Six because they would be able to help us build a portfolio to build towards a portion of the market where Six would then be able to provide a recommendation of agencies to apply to later on. We took them up on the offer as we didn’t really have anything to lose!!!

All in all I am very happy with the services and products that both Six Models and Mac Photography have shown to us. They were nothing but courteous and were more than happy to sit down, talk and explain everything happening if needed which is an invaluable service when working within a completely new market. I cannot stress enough in my Six model review how great this company is, they are dedicated to models and I cannot thank them enough!


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