Being a model is every girl dream, something that most girls would die for the job, including me. Even though modeling is not my original dream since I actually want to be a doctor; however, with the help of Six Models and some Six Models reviews I read online, I can get the chance to be a model. Six model helps me get a modeling job and you can do the same. In this Six Models Review, I tell you about my experience for joining the management. When I was searching for a good modeling company with positive testimonials and good reputation as well, then I found out about Six Models. I thought that it was no harm in applying and count as experience gaining. I had great confidence there was no Six Models scams.

I filled out the online application and submitted it via the website. The website has user-friendly interface and very informative. The registration form is also clear and easy to understand. The website where I read an Six Models review mentioned that Six Models is not employment or recruitment agency.

After a few days, I got a phone call from the Six Models representative and give me the assessment. The assessor was very polite and informative about the industry; they asked about my background, interests, and my reasons for why I wanted to become a model. Yes, the interview was via phone call. Later then, they told me that I had the passion for becoming model and it is important for me to work hard to become successful. They also clearly told me that I have a good look as it will relatable for advertising. The management offered me a photo studio for the assessment and for the photo I had to pay a certain amount of deposit. I thought this was like a business which I need to invest certain amount of money for it and I had read this over lots of Six models reviews. I want to be clear there is no Six Models Scam.

At the studio, the people were amazing; the makeup and hair artist had recently done a Harper Bazaar shoot. She was truly talented and lovely as she also gave me some hair styling tips and has my makeup done too. The photographer knew precisely about his job and really helped me out with the poses. That day was seriously fun and definitely, I got plenty of experience.

After I finished the photo shoot; I had to come for my review. They tell me that my look was relatable for the current market. The management said that nowadays more real people become models instead of people with incomparable beauty. I was told that I perfectly fit for the commercial advertising. I was beyond thrilled and excited.

I kept in touch with Six Models about my review as I sent them pictures for my portfolio. They gladly recommended me plenty agencies to apply and told me to find the freelance work. Now I have signed four agencies and have several freelance online modeling. However, my portfolio has developed with photos from photo shoots. I am so grateful for joining Six Models as well as their help. I am also grateful to all the other models Six models reviews and relieving any concerns of any Six Model scam.

I hope my Six Model review helps and encourages them who want to be models. If you are still holding back your dream due to Six Model scam gossips; my advice does not believe before you prove because I have been there and the Six Models was great.

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