My son is now modelling thanks to Six Models: Six Model review

So the other day I went down to Six Models and Mac Photography with my son because it is a career choice that he is absolutely set on doing for his future and we both believed that there was the best place to start for us after doing our research at home reading through reviews, seeing what they can offer to us and things of the such. My Six Models review should help you see how great this company is, well at lest I hope it does because I think its so unfair people say there are Six Model scams.

When the day of the shoot came after booking it in and putting down our deposit he was so excited that he could barely contain himself. So when we entered we were both greeted by smiling faces and Daniel (my son) greeted them with a smile near to that of the Cheshire cat however he just couldn’t contain it. I had read loads of different review onlie but the best ones were always Six Model review.

When we were taken over to make-up he was sat down and the artist starting applying. She was very professional in her work but not so professional that it felt uncomfortable or awkward at all, in fact she actually managed to calm Daniel’s nerves a little and stopped him from fidgeting while she worked.

Following that we said goodbye to the make-up artist and were led upstairs to meet the photographer and sort out the clothes that Daniel would be wearing for different parts of the shoot. We made a few different ones such as smart, smart-casual and casual being the main three with a couple of each and then got to it. He made me wait around in the office as he thought it would be embarrassing having his mum follow him and the photographer follow him around during the shoot. The staff were fine with this and kept offering me refreshments trying to make me feel as comfortable as possible which was really nice of them and I even had a chat with a few of them if they were walking around on a loose end every now and then. They were really easy to get along with and seemed really nice always looking at the positive side of everything we talked about. Whoever says there are Six Model scam are mad, they are amazing!

When he returned he was ecstatic at how well he feels it went and seemed very proud of himself which was lovely to see. After a little bit of waiting we went over to the post-shoot editor where he showed us all the photos taken and some of the effects he could use on the photos and allowed us to decide if we wanted it on certain photos or not. Once we had viewed everything and decided, we were offered to buy the photos, there wasn’t any pressure on us but the editor explained why it would be beneficial to Daniel if he wanted to start modelling as a job. In the end we decided to buy the photos. Daniel then asked him if Six would work with him, the response was a yes but explained that Six works alongside models giving them help and guidance but the leg work is up to him to do. He understood and agreed to do it and since then Daniel has sunk in many hours and is working towards getting agency work and just trying to put himself out there as much as possible. I hope my Six Model review helps other aspiring models, as Six is the only company to turn to for help

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